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National Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club

Club Officials


Gary & Deb Hodson
24 Parklands Ave, Dinnington, Sheffield S25 2XW
Tel: 01909 564387

Nigel Atkinson
Bernard Trute
Robert Murphy MBE
Neill Gardner
Angela and George Moss
Gary Hodson
Simon Beynon
Simon Beynon
Joe Rogers
Mr J Fletcher, Mrs M Holden, Mr J Holden, Mrs S Mason, Mr J Thompson, Mr A Wheal,
Miss L Wheal.

In order to qualify to become a member of the National Netherland Dwarf "Life Judges Panel" you must have been a paid up member, having served 20 consecutive years on the National Judging Panel. Appointment to this panel is however not nesessarily automatic, but considered by the National Committee, when a Judge fulfils this critera and is proposed to the Club Secretary.

Mr J Beck, Mr S Beynon, Mr R Buck, Mrs M Embry, Mr J Fletcher, Mr B Flounders, Mr M Fox, Mrs J Gore, Mr C Graveling, Mrs P Griffiths, Mr A Hicks, Mr GP Hodson, Mr T Hoole,
Mr D Mason, Mrs E Massey-Beeston, Mrs G McKell, Mr R Murphy MBE, Mrs E Ramsbottom,
Mr B Rideout, Mr T Stratford, Mr B Taylor, B Trute, Mrs G Webb-Bailey. Ms A Wray.

In addition to the Life Judges, the panel consists of 30 Judges, together with Judges selected by the recognised Area Netherland Dwarf Clubs, from amongst resident members in their own areas. (Two Judges from each Club).
Judges panel (30 Votes).
Mr N Gardner 77E, Miss E Sargant 72E, Mr N E Atkinson 69E, , Mr J Rogers 65E, Mr S Galloway 58E, Mr D Medlock 51E, Miss L Wheal 50E, Miss L Fox 49E, Mr S Germany 48E, Mr G Wells 48E, Mr T Halfpenny 44E, Mr J Holden 44E, Mrs M Holden 44E, Mr I McClure 44E, Mr M Stirk 44E, Mr K Smithey 40E, Miss J Atkinson 38E, Mr D Morris 38E, Mr J Thompson 38E, Mr S Whincup 37E, Mr A Kennedy 34E, Mr N Jeffries 33E, Mr G Moss 31E, Mrs M Stirk 30E, Mr C Taylor 30E, Mrs L Keith 29E, Mr P Faint 28E, Mr J Thornton 27E, Mr W Dodge 26 E, Mr J Venables 26E, Mr D Brophy 25NE, Mr S Smithey 24NE, Mrs R Waring 23NE, Mr D Germany 20NE. Mr R Wearmouth 17 NE,, Miss L Spence 15NE, Ms J Clark 7NE

Mr G Boot, Mr B Brake, Mr V Carmichael, Mr E Caulfield, Mr A Clipsham, Mr I Dearnley, Mr P Gould, Mr R Grindey, Mr Glen Hodson, Mr A Lipski, Miss L Morris, Mr P Morris, Mr G Richardson, Mr K Wakefield.

Intermediate Show at Darlington, April (1 vote)
Mr J Fletcher 11, Mr B Flounders 8 (Judging all classes), Mr GP Hodson 6. Miss L Wheal 6, all others 5 or below

YSS at Grantham Sept 17 (2 votes)
Mr N Gardner 15, Mr NE Atkinson 14, Mr J Rogers 12, Mr I McClure 11, Ms A Wray 10 (Judging Adult Support and BIS), Mr J Fletcher 9, Miss L Fox 9 (judging section 1),
Mr S Germany 9 (judging Section 2), all others 8 or below.

Autumn Show at London Championship Show Oct 8 (1 vote)
Mr J Fletcher 12, (Judging all classes), Mr NE Atkinson 9, all others 8 or below.

ASS at Uttoxeter Nov 5 (2 Votes)
Mr NE Atkinson 20, Mr J Rogers 14 (judging section 1), Mr N Gardner 13 (judging Section 2), Mr J Fletcher 11, Mr I McClure 8 (Judging BIS and young support), Miss L Fox 8,
Mr G Wells 8, Mrs P Griffiths 8, Miss L Wheal 8, Miss A Wray 8, all others 7 or below.

President’s show at Uttoxeter Nov 6.
President’s show judges to be confirmed.

Scrutineer: Chief Clerk BRC.

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